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            ( ) 1. A. older B. shorter C. smaller D. heavier

            ( ) 2. A. low B. slow C. show D. shoe

            ( ) 3. A. how B. here C. high D. hair

            ( ) 4. A. strong B. school C. street D. slower

            ( ) 5. A. far B. fine C. off D. for

            ( ) 6. A. run faster B. jump higher

            C. swim slower D. skate better

            ( ) 7. A. put on B. put off

            C. get on D. get off

            ( ) 8. A. a shopping centre B. a history museum

            C. a primary school D. a train station

            ( ) 9. A. turn on B. turn off

            C. turn left D. turn right

            ( ) 10. A. How many stops are there? B. How far is it from here?

            B. How many cows can you see? D. How far can he jump?


            ( ) ( )


            ( )1. A. I like running . B. I like autumn . C.I like red.

            ( )2. A. Go Shan is.   B. Mine is, I think. C. It’s my ruler.

            ( )3. A .Take bus No. 5. B. Yes, I do.   C. OK.

            ( )4. A .It’s one kilometre away. B. Every five minutes.

            C .In front of the station.

            ( )5. A . Yes, she does. B. Yes , she is . C. Yes ,it is.


            ( )1. Mr Smith lives in Shanghai Street.

            ( )2. He wanted to go to the History Museum by car.

            ( )3. Mr Smith wanted to go to the cinema, too.

            ( )4. Mr Smith doesn’t know how to get to the post office.

            笔试部分 (70分)


            1. David jump (far) than Mike? Yes.

            2. Fangfang is not as (tall) as the other girls.

            3. My eyes are (big) than (she).

            4. I am (good) at long jump than Mike.

            5. The ant (run) slower than the rabbit.

            6. Would you like (pick) apples with us?

            7. This scarf is (Jim). Please give it to (he).


            (   )1. Look! The dragonfly than the bee.

            A. fly higher B. is flying higher C. flies high

            (   )2. You can turn left at the crossing.

            A. four B. for C. forth D. fourth

            (   )3. The girls do well in and .

            A. sing; dance B. singing; dance

            C. singing; dancing  D. sing; dancing

            (   )4.I’ll a policeman.

            A. am B. is C. be

            (   )5.Helen was glad Yang Ling.

            A.see B.to see C.of see

            (   )6.Tom is talking his parents his lessons.

            A. about; to B. to; about C. to; with D. with; to

            (   )7. Which skirt do you like , the red one or the blue one?

            A. well B. good C. better D. best

            (   )8. Whose school bag is heavier, _________?

            A .she or you B. hers or yours C. her or you

            (   )9. Do you want ?

            A. to read books B. reading books C. reading book

            (   )10. is it from here?

            A. How far B. How long C. How many D. How much

            (   )11. Su Hai and Su Yang are _______.

            A. twin B .twins C .twins’

            (   )12. John jumps as _______ as Mike.

            A. farther B .far C .farer

            (   )13. Mike is than Jim, but he runs than Jim.

            A. stronger, faster B. stronger , slower C. strong , lower D.thin, slower

            (   )14. Linda a twin brother, and she is than him.

            A. is, taller B. has, tall C. has, taller

            (   )15. your twin sister get up earlier than you ?

            A. Is B. Does C. Do D. Are


            A                                                           B

            ( ) 1. How far is the bus stop from here?       A. No, I didn’t.

            ( ) 2. Does Ben go to school earlier than you?  B. About a kilometer away.

            ( ) 3. Can I play computer games now?           C. No, he doesn’t.

            ( ) 4. Did you watch a film last Sunday?        D Sorry, you can’t.

            ( ) 5. What else would you like?                E. Some masks, please.


            ( )1. Does Yang Ling older than you?  _____________

            A B C

            ( )2. His bag is heavier than Helen. _____________

            A   B C

            ( )3. Lucy and Lily are twin sister. _____________

            A B C

            (  )4. He’s playing basketball and his classmates.

            A   B  C

            ()5. I can get to home by car.

            A B C


            A: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the hospital?

            B: Yes. Go this road and turn

            at the _______crossing. The

            hospital is on your ________.

            A: How far is it from here?

            B: About one ____________.


            1. Which runs faster, the bus or the bike?

            2.Is your mother as old as your father?

            3. Who reads better than you in your class?

            4. Are you the only child in your family?

            5. How far is your home from school?


            Hello, I’m Jack. I’m a student in Shanxi Road Primary School. At school I have a good friend. His name is Mike. He is American. He can sing a lot of English songs. I’m 150 cm. Mike is as tall as me. We are good at swimming and running. I swim faster than him. But he runs faster than me. Now we are going to school. There’s a basketball match this afternoon. Our school is four kilometres away. We often go to school by bus. There are only two stops. Sometimes we go to school by bike.

            ( ) 1、The boys aren’t in the same school.

            ( ) 2、Mike is also 150 cm.

            ( ) 3、Jack runs slower than Mike.

            ( ) 4、Now they are going to the football field.

            ( ) 5、They often go to school on foot. It’s a short walk.

            ( )5. The No.9 bus stop is behind the History Museum.

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