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          一、我能写漂亮的英文字:抄写下列单词和句子。(10 分)

          1、六年级下学期英语期中试卷:picture dictionary straight similar different

          2、There were many lights on the ceiling.


          ( )1.d ty A.ir B.ri

          ( )2.f lm A.e B.i

          ( )3.k p A.ee B.ea

          ( )4.l d A.an B.en

          ( )5.dictiona A.rg B.ry


          ( )1.You’re good at . A.draw B.drawing

          ( )2.Peter skate . A.beautifully B.beautiful

          ( )3.I can it in my schoolbag. A.put B.puts

          ( )4.Peter is in the film. A.interest B.interested

          ( )5.There are flowers in Picture One. A.fewer B.few


          1.( )

          A.That’s a good idea.

          B..I’m happy today.

          2.( )

          A.I like swimming.

          B.I’m not good at swimming.

          3.( )

          A.The tree looks like a man.

          B.I can draw.

          4.( )

          A.Play computer games.

          B..Fly kite.

          5.( )

          A.A dirty mark.

          B.A bookstore.

          6.( )

          A.They are different.

          B..They are similar.

          7.( )

          A.Peter can skate well.

          B.Peter wanted to skate.

          8.( )

          A.He is interested in study.

          B.He is watching a film.

          9.( )

          A.It’s sunny today.

          B.It’s cloudy today.

          10.( )

          A.He is drawing.

          B.He is singing.


          ( )1.你想告诉别人你擅长游泳时,可以这样说:

          A.What do you like ? B.I’m good at swimming.

          ( )2.你想邀请别人一起去看电影,你可以这样说:

          A.Let’s go and watch a film. B.That’s a good idea.

          ( )3.别人赞美了你时,你应该说:

          A.Thank you very much. B.Never mind.

          ( )4.你想要得到别人的帮助时,你可以说:

          A.I don’t know. B. Can you help me?

          ( )5.你不小心撞到别人,你该说:

          A.I’m sorry. B.Excuse me.

          ( )6.你想知道对方姓名时,可以这样问:

          A.How do you do? B.What’s your name?

          ( )7.你想询问一件东西是否足够有用时,你可以这样问:

          A.How is it? B.Is it useful enough?

          ( )8.把东西给对方时,你应该说:

          A.Here you are. B.Give you.

          ( )9.你想形容一条河像一条龙时,你可以说:

          A.This river looks likes like a dragon. B.It’s so beautiful.

          ( )10.第一幅图比第二幅图的人要多一些时,你可以这样说:

          A.There are some people in the picture.

          B.There are more people in picture one.


          Mandy and Sandy are twins(双胞胎).They look like each other and they have lots of similarities(相似的地方).However,their hobbies are quiet different.Mandy likes reading books and listening to music.She is good at cooking.She can cook delicious food .However,Sandy likes all kinds of sports.She can swim,play table tennis ,and play basketball,and she is good at swimming.Mandy is a quiet girl and Sandy is an active girl.

          ( )1.Sandy and Mandy look like each other.

          ( )2.They have the same hobbies.

          ( )3.Sandy is an active girl.

          ( )4.Sandy is good at cooking and swimming.

          ( )5.Mandy likes reading books and all kinds of sports.

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